Free Printable Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book Page

Free Printable Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book Page

Download a Free Coloring Book page featuring an image straight out of Alice in Wonderland.  Alice is an explorer, wanderer, and traveler in a fantastic land. Who doesn’t want to tromp through Wonderland and meet the Mad Hatter or March Hare at their tea party? 

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ATC Hoarder Madness!

Doing these ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) is maddeningly addicting!  

Here is the September ATC roundup for the #atcitupwithfriends trade.

Cat Hoarder by Anna Van Skike

The Cat Hoarder

Hoarding animals is actually really horrible, buuuuttttt in this case I think its fine.  All these felines are well cared for and loved.


The Plant Hoarder

Amelia started small with a few flowers and herbs in pots.  She tended them carefully and whispered her secrets to their leaves.  They didn't judge her and instead grew stronger.  Before she knew it she moved to planting outside, and had so many things growing around her that she could get lost in her own garden.  It is her favorite place in the world to be.

The Skull Hoarder by Anna Van Skike

The Skull Hoarder

We probably don't want to know where this collection came from or why she collects skulls.  Actually, its probably best to stay far away from this demon if you wish to keep your head.

Celes Paradi

Ok, so I'm a huge nerd and I've been haunting this avatar site forever.  Right now is their summer event Celes Paradi and for the art contest you need to draw their goddesses of song, dance, and feast.

Scroll down to see each goddess!

 Goddess of Dance

Goddess of Dance

 Goddess of Song

Goddess of Song

 Goddess of the Feast

Goddess of the Feast

 The last entry is of Yumeh, one of the characters from the website.

The last entry is of Yumeh, one of the characters from the website.

Beautiful in Black and White

I really love black and white line drawings.  Like, seriously love them. 

The careful swoop of a line and that moment of terror that once the ink is down, its on the paper and you are completely stuck with whatever comes out.  There are so many "happy mistakes" as Bob Ross might say... but I think that is part of the appeal.

We are all broken by Anna Van Skike

We are all broken...

That's how the light gets in.


Morning Coffee by Anna Van Skike

Morning Coffee

Coffee smells like possibilities and is my sole reason for getting up in the morning. 

Swamp Thing by Anna Van Skike

Swamp Thing

This gal started out as a mermaid but she came out quite a bit more sinister than your run of the mill mermaid.

Coffee Date by Anna Van Skike

Coffee Date

She took it as a good sign when they both showed up in plaid for their date. When they both proceeded to order caramel mochas she knew it was destiny.

July Art Roundup

July is so close to being over and summer is in full swing.  Its been unseasonably hot, right about 100 degrees for the past many weeks, and I just want to make bright summary pictures.

Wicked Brambles by Anna Van Skike with

Wicked Brambles

She brushed the tangles and brambles from her hair, but it never seemed to get any better

The Lady Amalthea by Anna Van Skike with

The Lady Amalthea

Did you ever watch The Last Unicorn as a kid? My bro and I LOVED all of the magic and whimsy. Here is the Lady Amalthea, my little tribute to one of the best childhood movies ever! 

Love and Llamas

This gal @afattyfox has a seriously great style! 💗 I love her look so much I couldn't stop myself from drawing her! This pic is loosely based on an outfit she wore back in May when she had this adorable pink llama to match her hair. .

ATC and ACEO Madness!

So, I've known about ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and ACEOs (Art Card Originals and Editions) for many years... but it just CLICKED a few weeks ago when I discovered #ATCitupwithfriends hosted by pabkins.   I just couldn't stop making cards!

Here is how it works:. ATCs and ACEOs are the size of baseball cards at 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  ATCs are made to be traded with other artists and ACEOs are made to sell.  Thats all there is to it!

Here is what I've made so far:

ATCs: Fantasy people and their pets was the theme for July's ATCitupwith friends.  These have been mailed and are on their way for the art trade.  I absolutely can't wait to see what ATCs I get from the trade!!!

ACEOs: Steampunk Girls of Summer

These gals are available in my shop!  Now is your chance to nab an original piece of artwork.  They are small but affordable.