ATC Hoarder Madness!

Doing these ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) is maddeningly addicting!  

Here is the September ATC roundup for the #atcitupwithfriends trade.

Cat Hoarder by Anna Van Skike

The Cat Hoarder

Hoarding animals is actually really horrible, buuuuttttt in this case I think its fine.  All these felines are well cared for and loved.


The Plant Hoarder

Amelia started small with a few flowers and herbs in pots.  She tended them carefully and whispered her secrets to their leaves.  They didn't judge her and instead grew stronger.  Before she knew it she moved to planting outside, and had so many things growing around her that she could get lost in her own garden.  It is her favorite place in the world to be.

The Skull Hoarder by Anna Van Skike

The Skull Hoarder

We probably don't want to know where this collection came from or why she collects skulls.  Actually, its probably best to stay far away from this demon if you wish to keep your head.