How to set (and achieve) goals for your art career

Who is ready for 2018???  

Something that I’ve done for the last few years is set goals for the upcoming year and you should too.  For 2017 my goals were to get a website, store, and instagram up and running as well as give up animal products and go vegan.  Check, check check, all achieved! Whoot!

Seriously, I’d have never done any of this without actively making the decision ahead of time to work towards each achievable goal.

For 2018 here is the new list:

  • Sell at three or more physical locations.  (Conventions, craft fairs, etc)
  • Blog regularly.  Twice a month at minimum.
  • Join an art collective.
  • Get my work shown in at least one gallery or show.  (I expect this to be the hardest goal, but hopefully joining the collective will open some of these doors.)

When you set goals for yourself it doesn’t need to happen at the new year.  The important thing is to have a definite start and end date and a measurable goal.

Start and End Dates

Your goal can be short or long term, but it is important to have a deadline.  If you know that you have three months to get something done its a lot easier to prioritize it instead of having that vague, back of your mind feeling that you probably should get busy and finally do that thing that you feel guilty for pushing off and oh look! Squirrel!  

Measurable Goals

If your goal is to blog more, thats a great goal but it needs to be more specific.  “More” could mean two times a year because technically that is more than zero so it's totally achievable right?

A better goal is to blog twice a month like I am choosing to do.  Or maybe for you it's once a week or once a day or whatever works for you. By defining how much “more” you are going to blog you can now easily see what you need to do to achieve it.  If I skipped out of town on a three month long vacation to Germany (I wish!) and didn’t bother to blog at all, it would be pretty obvious that I’m not really getting this done.  It will also be pretty easy to see if I’ve actually achieved this one.

Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up

Sometimes we miss a deadline or skip some blog posts or just totally miss the mark on our self imposed goal.  Thats human and totally ok.  Just pick yourself up, reevaluate if you goal was actually realistic, and set a new goal from there.  It's all about not giving up or beating yourself up so badly that you just want to quit the whole dang thing.

How to set and achieve goals for your art career