July Art Roundup

July is so close to being over and summer is in full swing.  Its been unseasonably hot, right about 100 degrees for the past many weeks, and I just want to make bright summary pictures.

Wicked Brambles by Anna Van Skike with AnnaVSart.com.jpg

Wicked Brambles

She brushed the tangles and brambles from her hair, but it never seemed to get any better

The Lady Amalthea by Anna Van Skike with AnnaVSart.com.jpg

The Lady Amalthea

Did you ever watch The Last Unicorn as a kid? My bro and I LOVED all of the magic and whimsy. Here is the Lady Amalthea, my little tribute to one of the best childhood movies ever! 

Love and Llamas

This gal @afattyfox has a seriously great style! 💗 I love her look so much I couldn't stop myself from drawing her! This pic is loosely based on an outfit she wore back in May when she had this adorable pink llama to match her hair. .