Beautiful in Black and White

I really love black and white line drawings.  Like, seriously love them. 

The careful swoop of a line and that moment of terror that once the ink is down, its on the paper and you are completely stuck with whatever comes out.  There are so many "happy mistakes" as Bob Ross might say... but I think that is part of the appeal.

We are all broken by Anna Van Skike

We are all broken...

That's how the light gets in.


Morning Coffee by Anna Van Skike

Morning Coffee

Coffee smells like possibilities and is my sole reason for getting up in the morning. 

Swamp Thing by Anna Van Skike

Swamp Thing

This gal started out as a mermaid but she came out quite a bit more sinister than your run of the mill mermaid.

Coffee Date by Anna Van Skike

Coffee Date

She took it as a good sign when they both showed up in plaid for their date. When they both proceeded to order caramel mochas she knew it was destiny.