There is a whole lot of craziness happening but hey I'm in the newspaper!

It's official. I'm moving into an RV! Buuuutttttttt that means that I'm drowning in packing and cleaning and fixing things that keep breaking on the RV. So far I've had to replace the toilet, sink faucet, water pump, and hot water heater. Fml...

I'll do another post soon that will go into detail about why I've decided to go to such an extreme move. It all ultimately boils down to me taking systematic steps towards being able to support myself through art.

In other news, I'm in the newspaper and it's for a really good cause!!! 

Escape to Firefly Forest by Anna Van Skike

This painting of mine was used in a local news article to promote an Idaho Mental Health Awareness event that's happening on May 4th!!! This was my submission for last year and I'm rediculously excited that the newspaper specifically requested to use it.  May is mental health awareness month so if you are local to southwest Idaho, you should swing by the capital and see the art display and check out the events. It's all aimed at stigma-free awareness